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We represent buyers and sellers of radio stations, nationwide.

Clifton Gardiner & Company produces a monthly email with thumbnail descriptions of our active radio station for sale listings.  Please click here to be added to the list.

We represent owners and sellers of these radio stations on an exclusive basis.  We do not handle properties on a “hip-pocket listing” basis like some brokerages.  We do occasionally work with other brokers who are members of our Independent Brokers Group in presenting one of their listings to a prospective buyer or in permitting them to present one of our properties to a buyer that they have a special relationship with.


PAGE, ARIZONA  KXAZ-FM, KPGE-AM AND K252FG-FX  Amazing combination of great radio with a full-range of multi-media products.  Very profitable with no commercial radio competition!  Package includes a Lake Powell Visitor Guide with 125,000 copy distribution, a very active and profitable website, tourist information kiosks and a dining guide.  Almost four million annual year-round visitors.  This is perfect for an owner/operator with lots of growth remaining. Properly Price!

BURLINGTON, NJ  WBZC-FM  WBZC-FM is a NCE 10,000 Watt station licensed to Pemberton, NJ, in Burlington County.  On 88.9, the station covers 32,440 POPS in it 65.0 dBu and over 80,000 in the 60 dBu.  Its antenna is mounted at 220 feet on a police communications tower owned by Burlington County, and the buyer will have to negotiate a new lease.  WBZC-FM is currently paired with FM translator W236AF and can be purchased separately or together.  The station is priced for a quick sale! 

NEW LISTING   BURLINGTON, NJ  W236AF-FX  W236AF is currently licensed as NCE, however that can easily be reverted back to a commercial license.  It is licensed to Burlington, NJ and can be purchased with WBZC-FM or separately.  It operates on 95.1 with 120 Watts with an antenna height of 128 feet.  The antenna is mounted on top of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge, owned by Burlington County.  The buyer will have to negotiate a new lease.  The translator covers 54,626 POPS in the 65.0 dBu contour and 82,527 in the 60.0 dBu.  The translator is priced for a quick sale.

KANSAS CITY   KCWJ-AM covers the entire Kansas City Metro with its 2.0 mV/m contour, over 2.1 million people.  Kansas City is the 35th market, with market revenue ranked higher, at 27th.  One of the very best AM signals for the market.  The 13 acre transmit site is included and the transmitter was replaced in 2007.  Studio equipment includes a new Wide Orbit system.

SEDONA, ARIZONA  KAZM-AM is the only in-town station for Sedona,  Arizona. KAZM-AM has a construction permit for a new 250 watt FM Translator.  Sedona is truly one of America’s most unique markets.  It is very upscale, with a median income of over $57,000 and a constant heavy flow of tourist activity.  It is in the center of Market #153, and has City Grade coverage over Flagstaff and Prescott.  There are over 195,000 people in its 2.0 mV/m contour. The studio and office building is included and the transmit site is on a very reasonable long-term lease with the State of Arizona. This is a great opportunity for an aggressive owner/operator in one of the region's best recreational and retirement communities.

CHATTANOOGA, TN     WLMR-AM/FX is a 1,000 watt full-time, non-directional AM matched with a full 250 watt FM translator with great coverage of the Chattanooga market.  Chattanooga is Market #87 with 263,892 POPS in the 2.0 mV/m contour.  The translator is mounted on the AM tower.  The tower site is included.

PENSACOLA, FL  WVTJ-AM is 500 Watts days and 158 Watts nights on 6110 kHz.  It is a sister station to WNVY-AM, and can be sold together or individually.  WVTJ has a new FM translator CP.  Very low operating costs and great market coverage, with over 330,000 POPS in the 2.0 mV/m contour.  PRICE IS REDUCED

MOBILE, AL WASG-AM/FX  Mobile is market 98, and is the economic center for a large multi-state area in the Gulf Coast region.  This AM, with its non-directional 2,500 signal and its 250 watt FM translator, covers over 500,000 people with its 2.0 mV/m daytime contour.  The station is well-equipped and ready to perform for a new owner.  PRICED TO SELL.

GREENVILLE, SC   WELP-AM is a full-time AM station with 5,000 watts daytime and 36 watts at night, in Market 59.  It includes a translator.  Well equipped with very low operating costs.  175,000 people in the 2.0 mV/m contour.  There are lots of programming options in a great market.

PENSACOLA, FL WNVY-AM is a big 15,000 watt daytime signal at 1070 kHz, with 28 watts at night, plus a new 250 Watt translator CP.  The AM transmit site is included.  Pensacola is marketr #125 with 376,982 POPS in the 2.0 mV/m contour. PRICE IS REDUCED!

WILKES BARRE-SCRANTON, PA    WITK-AM is a 10,000 watt powerhouse full time AM that covers over 430,000 people in this dynamic market.  Its 250 watt FM translator is included.  A new transmitter has been installed in the last four years and all the directional antenna equipment was rebuilt.  Includes the transmit site land and building.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM    KXKS-AM is a giant 10,000 watt signal covering over 900,000 people in its 2.0 mV/m contour.  The station is ready for growth and the price is greatly reduced. LMA or LMA/Purchase Possible

NEW LISTING! NE UTAH   Profitable C-1 FM serving a large dynamic market.  The station has had steady excellent long-term ownership and is highly regarded.  Covers 50,000 loyal listeners.  NDA Required.

ARIZONA COMMUNITY RADIO NETWORK This is a group of three NCE FM stations and one NCE translator. The stations are currently networked and cover virtually all of NW Arizona. Programming is "Public Radio" like, but could easily be changed to any suitable format, such as Spanish, religious or sports. The system is state-of-the-art and has substantial upgrade possibilities. The network can be programmed and controlled from anywhere. The group covers over 193,000 in the 60 dBu contours.

WESTERN COLORADO  CLASS C GIANT SIGNAL FM IN A RATED MARKET  The station is well-equipped and priced to sell.  It has huge regional coverage without significant outside market competition.  PRICE REDUCED!  FINANCING POSSIBLE FOR QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED BUYER!

BISHOPVILLE, SC   WAGS-AM This is a heritage SC 1000 Watt AM station that went on the air in 1954.  This is a perfect 1st time station for a new owner ready to live in a great small town community.  The transmit site and studio/office building is included.  The station is currently dark and is offered at a reduced price.

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