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Clifton Gardiner, Radio Station Broker

Clifton Gardiner & Company, LLC provides experienced and professional brokerage representation to sellers and buyers of radio stations.  We represent our clients on an exclusive basis, and devote all of our resources to achieving a successful completion of a transaction
We are known for the accuracy and completeness of our Information Memorandums and for our very thorough search for possible buyers.  Marketing a "for sale" listing is not a "passive" activity. We work hard from day one!
For over thirty-five years, Clifton Gardiner & Company has represented Sellers and Buyers of radio stations and other media property assets, including television, cable television and new media.  We have completed over 350 asset sale media transactions, working closely with our clients to insure a smooth, efficient and trouble-free process.
Radio Stations For Sale

We represent the owners of these radio stations on an exclusive basis.  We do not handle properties on a "hip-pocket" basis, like some brokerages.  We do regularly work with other brokers who are members of our Independent Brokers Group in presenting one of their listings to a prospective buyer, or in permitting them to present one of our properties to a buyer that they have a special relationship with.

Please use our Contact Form to let us know how we may be of service to you, either in listing your property or in adding you to our data base, so we can notify you if a property comes available that works for you.

We produce a monthly email with our active radio stations for sale listings.  It also contains listings for the brokers in our Independent Brokers Group.

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We have prepared a document showing the "normal" station sale procedure from making the deal through the FCC transfer grant.  Of course, every deal is different, but this is a general guide.
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